CPSP has received a Letter of Exemption from Certification by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education to offer church-related programs/courses and
grant church-related degrees.




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An affordable D.Min. program for persons who have completed,
or who are in the process of completing clinical pastoral training.

The leadership of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP) has been concerned for some time about the availability of the Doctor of Ministry degree (D.Min.) to persons who have completed, or who are in the process of completing clinical pastoral training. We have not found adequate and affordable doctoral level educational opportunities available that both recognize the kind of expertise acquired by a pastoral clinician and which build conceptually on that expertise. We will attempt to address that deficiency with this program. This degree will be based on knowledge of and the theoretical and practical dimensions of clinical pastoral practice.

This particular degree program is designed for persons certified, or in the process of certification as a pastoral clinician in recognized training organizations. 

The D.Min. degree requires 36 course credit hours. Nine credit hours are granted for successful completion of a residency in clinical pastoral training. The remaining 27 hours will consist of nine three-hour courses, following the academic tradition. The program will begin with a one-week (six-day) residency in Little Rock, Arkansas, September 24-29, 2018. Subsequent to the residency week, classes will continue in cyberspace, toward fulfilling course requirements. After the completion of eight courses, a final integration seminar will convene during which a summary paper of approximately thirty pages will be produced by each student and submitted for graduation.

We project that adherence to the schedule will permit students to complete this course work within a year from the starting date.