Four elective courses selected from the following offerings (faculty to be named later):

Ethical Issues in the Clinical Context (RELI 1551)

The Contributions to Clinical Training of the Tradition of John Bowlby (RELI 1552)

The Pastoral Psychotherapeutic Approach of Pamela Cooper-White (RELI 1553)

Transference and Countertransference in Clinical Supervision (RELI 1554)

The Contribution of Wilfred Bion to Pastoral Psychotherapy
and Pastoral Training (RELI 1555)

Carroll Wise and Seward Hiltner: Their Contribution to
Clinical Pastoral Training (RELI 1556)

The Relevance of Sigmund Freud To Pastoral Work (RELI 1557)

The Contributions to Clinical Training of Wayne Oates and Myron Madden (RELI 1558)

Intercultural Issues in Pastoral Care and Counseling (RELI 1559)

Theology as a Social Science in the Tradition of Anton T. Boisen (RELI 1560)

Cooperative Inquiry and Interpretive Clinical Pastoral Care (RELI 1561)

Sexual Valorization and the Clinical Pastoral Movement (RELI 1562)


Additional electives may be offered later. Students may themselves make proposals for certain additional courses.